On the Streets: Stylish Diner

I walk by Sushi Maki fairly often. Each time I promise myself that I’ll make a point of trying it. It’s a small, intimate sushi restaurant on Bellevue, in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. I like the look of it. It makes me think it could have been teleported straight out of a Tokyo neighborhood, shortly after Scarlett Johansson’s and Bill Murray’s ‘Lost in Translation’ characters shared some sushi there before heading for karaoke. Then again, I’ve never been to Japan, and this restaurant’s owners might have moved to Seattle from Wyoming. But we can’t always let facts get in the way of imagination.

A while back I was walking home, taking photos here and there. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this stylish diner, who made a quick sushi stop look refined, cool, and timeless. I am also prone to seeing Edward Hopper paintings around every turn; this scene made me think of ‘Automat’, in reverse.

Sushi Maki
Stylish Diner, Sushi Maki, Capitol Hill, Seattle, 2017.



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