The Sky was Afire…

Arizona sunsets are hard to beat. Growing up here, we were told that the incredible sunsets were bittersweet, the result of smog getting trapped in the Valley of the Sun. Seems reasonable, but I also suspect that Arizona has always had amazing sunsets. I took this hasty shot tonight as my parents and I were headed to dinner. Very little post-processing. I used Lightroom to increase the exposure in the foreground, and I selected the Fujifilm Velvia/Vivid film simultation.

Phoenix sunset
Sunset, Phoenix, Arizona, 17 April 2017. Fujifilm XT2.

I’m in town for an important 75th birthday. Glad I got to be here. A big clan celebrating a birthday, Easter, homecomings, another grandchild on the way, impending departures, college decisions, and a youngest generation filled with cool kids. On that note – he doesn’t seem 75, still smacks the heck out of the ball. A straight-shooter, on and off the course.

75 Top Golf
Phoenix, Arizona, 15 April 2017.

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