Palmyra, Syria 2001

Palmyra, Syria*, summer 2001. The photo is not very good. I’m posting it for two reasons. It’s from my first attempt at scanning 35mm film negatives on the Epson V800 flatbed photo scanner. I used the basic scanning software. I’m not sure if the marks on the photo are scratches or dust. Before the next attempt I’ll clean the negative tray and hit everything with an air blower. It’s also “throwback Thursday”, and this one took me way back.

Palmyra (1 of 1)
Palmyra, Syria, summer 2001.

Have any of you embarked on archiving projects? I’d welcome tips/advice. Haven’t decided yet if I’ll switch to the Silverfast SE8 software.

* Hope the Syrians get some long overdue peace and relief.

3 thoughts on “Palmyra, Syria 2001

  1. That’s dust on the negative. I doubt a blower will clean it all. You can use lens cleaner and a cotton swap to very gently wash the negative. We’ve been archiving 40 years worth of my negatives for a long while. My best suggestion is to cull your pictures down to your best work and start from there.

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