Capitol Hill Seattle

On the Streets: Capitol Hill

I caught a show at Chop Suey last night. After the show I headed to Lost Lake for a late dinner. It was ugly out last night, and I was pretty soaked when I walked into Lost Lake. I ordered a vegetarian BLT with avocado. I managed to eat only half the fries, but I think I need to start passing on the fries entirely. It’s impossible not to eat French Fries that are sitting right there in front of you, a siren’s call of salty deliciousness. I grabbed a few photos later while I was out and about.

I wanted to try some out of focus night shots similar to ones I see on Genova photographer Federico’s Instagram feed. While copying the link I read that most of Federico’s photos are on the iPhone. Possibly another sign that the iPhone is going to put all camera companies out of business.

I didn’t get the shots I was hoping for, but I did get a few I liked. It was cold and rainy, and the streets weren’t cooperating, so I didn’t stay at it too long. One guy planted himself in my field of view as he asked his friend over and over “what the f*%k” he was doing. That went on for a while. I don’t think their communication skills were all that strong. I admit it, I signaled that sentiment by shaking my head. The friend of the exasperated WTFer noticed and said, “See, even the white boy thinks you need to chill.” That was accurate. I did think he needed to chill, and I am white. More than anything, though, I wanted them to move to one side or the other.

They eventually moved, but my luck didn’t improve. That intersection is an Uber/Lyft magnet, and cars are always turning onto 10th in search of parking. I took several photos with fronts or backs of cars in the frame. Here are a few of the photos that I thought were ok.

Capitol Hill Seattle
This shot was entirely accidental. I was trying to get an umbrella shot with the Comet Tavern sign in it. The gentleman in the coat wandered in. It’s blurry, but I liked it. I added a near duplicate at the end of this post. I used Lightroom Mobile to adjust one slightly (contrast and vibrancy) and post it to IG from my phone. I can’t really tell the difference.
Capitol Hill Seattle
One of those guys tried to photobomb one of my photos. Capitol Hill, November 2017.
Capitol Hill Seattle
I need to look up RHEK. I hope it’s not anything offensive.
Capitol Hill Seattle
Almost a decent shot. So close yet so far.
Capitol Hill Seattle
Thanks Lost Lake.
Capitol Hill Seattle
This is the near duplicate. I adjusted the contrast and vibrancy ever so slightly in one of these. Now I’m not really sure which.



2 thoughts on “On the Streets: Capitol Hill

  1. That’s a cool image at the top of the post. And serendipitously nice having the bokeh frame the person under the umbrella just so….. corners to a square! The retro Nikes even give sort of a timeless edge to the scene. I like your experimentation, I’ve never really worked how you’ve done here except for the odd picture. I’ve always found these a very soothing counterpoint to the razor sharp, eye-splitting acuity that tends to stand out in the era of digital…….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks! Experiment is definitely the right word. I envy photographers who seem to have a much clearer vision of what it is they’re going for. It’d be a total lie if I claimed that for myself. I know exactly what you mean about the digital. I first shot on film cameras, and I have found that I much prefer film images to digital. Are you on Instagram? If so, you should follow @invisiblehour – I think you’d like his stuff.


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